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Our Mission & Promise To You

J.A. Trautmann Realtors strives to be the most customer-centric, full-service real estate company in its target markets. We aim to provide honest, straight-forward, and research-driven information to our clients. We are dedicated to providing the experience to sustain turbulent markets. We aspire to fully understand our clients’ needs and provide a plan with realistic expectations from the start.

Our promise is that you will always have the most driven, knowledgeable, and trustworthy representation.

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Meet Our Team

Our extensive experience in full-service commercial real estate brokerage is the result of three generations of leadership and growth. Our owners grew up in our family business, and our trusted colleagues all have decades of real estate experience. We welcome you to learn more about each of us. We hope to speak with you soon.

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As a business owner, understanding the Commercial Real Estate market was not a priority. When I needed a space to expand into, the professionals at J.A.Trautmann Realtors asked all the right questions so they could deliver the perfect place. They nailed it!

Henry K

The Agents at J.A.Trautmann Realtors set expectations and met expectations. What more can you ask?

Jodie P.

When looking for a CRE representative to find our new corporate office I wanted to find a well rounded candidate. I knew JAT Realtors owned, managed and developed real estate. They were so helpful breaking down the intricacies of finding a location and moving. Thank you for the help!

Alex S.

It was refreshing being able to connect often with my representatives. When I listed my properties with J.A.Trautmann Realtors I benefited from having a team of agents. I never felt like anything was falling through the cracks from the time I listed until closing. Thanks Guys!!

Keith B.

The schedule of marketing presented at closing showed me that they wanted to be accountable. That alone was excellent and such a nice change from other experiences.

Mai D.

As an owner of a family run business, it was comforting knowing that they understood the dynamic as a family run business.

Jon J.